Monday, December 7, 2009


Living in the city, I see a hundreds, maybe thousands of people everyday. Too few of these people are capable of putting together a decent outfit. Aside from the obvious crazy people, there are some people who cannot seem to let go of long dead trends (ahem, ugg boots). Here are my top fashion pet peeves...

1.UGG boots
2.leggings worn as pants
3.popped collars
4.not wearing underwear under a dress or skirt and black
6.emo/scene hair
7.fat chicks in mini skirts
8.wedge heels
9.dressing for the club... at work
10.bleach blonde with a spray-on tan
11.thick black eyeliner
12.skater shoes
13.chain belts
14.pre-ripped jeans
15.over doing the accessories
16.sweatpants in public
17.buying outfits straight off the mannequin

That went on for much longer than I had thought it would. I just wish there was some way of making people realize how terrible they look. sigh... I guess I will just have to settle for my own perfection for now.

i love gold

blazer - zara
shirt - american apparel
skirt - H&M
hat - H&M

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