Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm back!

I apologize for disappearing there, I finally have real internet!
Just a little update on New York Fashion week, I've been watching videos from the runway and let me just say... very disappointing so far.

I'm usually intrigued by Rag and Bone, but their spring line was a big WTF?!?!?! for me. What was up with the bondage tops?

Jason Wu was sophisticated as always. His dresses were great, his suits a little blah but a really nice consistency.

Diane Von Furstenburg is my hero. She makes chic so effortless. The colours, the bold patterns, the draped figured... so wonderful!

Watching Prabal Gurung, I was searching for a theme, but alas is was much to mish-mash for me. The colours were amazing, and they worked nicely together. But then the contrast of the black and white pieces were a head scratcher. And the dresses with the fringe skirts were ummm... interesting.

Darling Alexander Wang really brought it this time. I loved the interesting shapes he created and the new life the breathed into classic pieces. And I love seafoam. Love love love seafoam. The small hints of metallic were a really nice touch to the pieces because the didn't overwhelm. Overall, an A.

Derek Lam has never really done it for me, and this collection was no different. The pieces are nice and they go together well. I just have a hard time picturing them with any other garments.

Never been a big follower of Altuzarra and their Spring collection hasn't given me any reason to. Can we please get over animal prints for now? And I'm pretty sure most of these pieces have been done before.

Big Jill Stuart fan and her spring collection wonderful! I love her creative take on classic pieces and used of muted neutrals and soft patterns.

Thakoon was so boring I couldn't even finish watching the video.

Richie Rich was just a blast to look at! Even though I wouldn't wear most of the stuff, he makes the show into a huge theatrical event. With him, the mish-mash of garments is what makes him so unique! The royal blue baby doll is an adorable little party dress, and I do want the nude splatter dress. What makes the show complete though is the cast of characters who model the clothes. They are so entertaining, and who doesn't love Ellen?

And then there is always old faithful: Marc Jacobs. Not his best line, but finally something original. I especially loved the lack of WHITE. I hate white. And this homage to the forgotten fashion era, the seventies, is wonderful! Love the big floppy hats, the mixing of bold yet muted colours.

I'm hoping for more as the week continues...

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