Friday, January 29, 2010

satan, satan, lend me a dollar

This winter has been brutally cold, which means most of my beloved dresses have been collecting dust in my closet. Bah-hum-bug! It also doesn't help that my work demands an "all black business casual" attire. So much for all the colour I've been force feeding my wardrobe the last year and a bit. In high school, I was either a scene kid (the early years) or a total slob (the later years when I gave up caring). So when I moved out and starting fending for myself, it became my mission to own little to no black. I soon discovered that no black is impossible but keeping it to a minimum is easy. When I go shopping, if I really like something, I want to see every colour it comes in. I also make sure I don't buy too much in the same colour, or else it gets redundant. And that is why my guiltiest shopping pleasure is American Apparel. Any item you want comes in every colour you can imagine. I often buy multiples of the same garments in different colours, which comes in handy when sprucing up a tired outfit. As much as it seems over priced and trashy, AA is a great company that offers very high quality clothing that you know is made in their vertically integrated facility in L.A. Very few clothiers can say the same thing. When I get my line up and running, I am going to do whatever it takes to avoid using child/slave labour because all workers deserve fair compensation. I know how tedious it is to work for hours at a sewing machine. Many of those people go blind from doing such finicky work. Add on top of that the awful environment in which these people have to do their work, it is a wonder that the clothing business has lasted so long this way. Do your research and find out where your clothes are made. You may get quite the shock...

Dress - Kamal
Belt - H&M
Boot - Aldo
Rings - H&M

Again, feathers. I love them. Peacock feathers especially. There is something so fascinating about their iridescence and the way the tips look like eyes. In the future, I want to get a tattoo on my chest of stylized peacock feathers to represent my growth and appreciation of my individuality. When I was much younger, I longed to be accepted by all the normal kids and to be normal. It wasn't until I met some truly "normal" people that I realized how boring it is. Since then, I have begun to love me because no one else could possibly ever be exactly like me. Quite frankly, I hope no one ever is.

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