Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the times, they are a changin

I have not updated in awhile. I got caught up in the mayhem of christmas and starting a new job and planning my future. It is just over 200 days until I set out across the country to attend school and make something of myself. Terrifying.

Anyways, I did manage to do a buttload of shopping over the holidays and past few weeks. So I will be updating much more frequently because I really need to show it all off.
My favourite find was a silk tulip skirt from Aritzia. Originally it was way over my budget so I dreamed and dreamed of the day I could have one of my own. Thank God, Alla, Vishnu and any other number of Gods for boxing day sales. That paired with pay day.

Shirt - American Apperal
Skirt - Aritzia
Tights - American Apperal
Necklaces and Headband - Urban Outfitters

I would live my whole life in bed if I could. There is nothing more comforting in life than a warm duvet and lots of pillows.

I sold the dress in my previous post to my dear friend Taylor for her prom. I will be sure to steal some pictures from her facebook and post them here. A new dress is almost done and will be up for sale soon. Stay tuned...

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  1. I want that skirt! It's sooo soft. It looks nice on you.