Friday, July 23, 2010

Jesus Tap Dancing Christ!

I'm sure everyone knows by now that multi-finger rings are one of the hottest fall accessories trends. And I'm not talking about those cheesy diamond ones all the rappers wear with their names spelt out across. I mean truly artistic pieces of jewellery.

This little darling will be coming to Fashion Crimes in the coming weeks. I will own it. Oh, I will!

The shaping of this piece is brilliant.

This piece crosses into dangerous ground. Here in Canada, any ring that has three or more finger holes can be consider brass knuckles, which are illegal. However the detailing is mind-blowing and undeniably beautiful. Just be careful where you wear it, an $800 ring is not worth getting in trouble with the law!

Probably the cutest and most wearable so far. Again, it will be mine!

I also cannot wait for all the jewel tones for the autumn/winter season. It is a great way to brighten those dreary days lacking in warmth and sunshine. At least this winter I won't be dealing with any snow!

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