Friday, August 6, 2010

A storm's a-brewin'

As stated in my previous update, I found a beautiful place in Vancouver to live. It's a two story corner unit condo townhouse along South Granville. It's perfectly placed on the side of the hill so we have mind blowing views of the mountains and Pacific Ocean. Jealous yet?
My trip left me feeling a little nautical, so I put together this super cute sailor girl outfit. The shirt I originally had was a red/white striped version, but it got washed in the wrong load and well... we won't go into that. However, this version of the shirt worked much better because I could play up the red accents a little more. And the sunglasses... oh baby do I love 'em! The absolute perfect touch!

Top - Wilfred
Shorts - Forever21
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Sweet Holic
Necklace - Forever21
Sunglasses - Kensington Market

I love how the whole outfit just fit so perfectly and all the reds were so close to the same tone. I also love adventuring around Kensington because the vintage shops are so amazing there! A little vintage shoe store on Kensington Avenue has a massive selection of boots and shoes from the modest to the outrageous. 
Speaking of shoes, the shoes I am wearing here are from my friend Joan's shop on Queen West. The store is called Chocolate Shoes and they have so many cute ballet flats and accessories. You can find it just east of Bathurst on the south side of Queen.

Time to start downsizing the wardrobe for the big move... tear! =(

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